High Impact Startup Ideas for India

I thought of listing down ideas that I think would be highly impactful for India. They probably won't make billion dollar businesses but can be sustainable, profitable businesses with high impact.

1. Train women to be creators

If there is an engine waiting to be spurred into action which will change economic status of thousands of families quickly it's increased female workforce participation.

Problem -

Lots of women(particularly housewives) who are educated, have spare time, and want to work don't know what to do.

Solution -

Train women into specific streams using 4-10 week short online content + offline neighbourhood peers. Depending on the skill level train them in streams like digital marketing, copywriting, virtual assitance, owning and running an online business. Help them get part time, online jobs. Not just digital skills but same can be done for producing physical goods too but initially focus would help.

Monetize by building a gig based platform around it OR a recruiting/creator agency.

2. English Bootcamp

In the digital world, English sits right at the bottom of the skill pyramid. It unlocks many doors.

Problem -

Plenty of young people in the rural India have access to the internet but don't have good English.

Solution -

Run paid, 8-12 weeks long, cohort based rigorous batches to teach written and spoken English. Can turbo charge it by adding some internet skills like how to get good at googling, using spreadsheet etc and show them the true potential of the internet.

3. Local gigs platform

Problem -

There are plenty of local, small businesses who need all sorts of digital as well as physical help - managing social media pages etc but doesn't make sense to hire a big digital agency for it.

Solution -

Students can spend a few hours doing these gigs, helps them be financially productive and get a taste of responsibility and managing oneself early on.

I will keep adding more ideas to this list. If you have ideas that I should add to the list, please ping me on Twitter.


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